Navy Blue Bird Oy
Navy Blue Bird Oy
P.O Box 38
FI-00531 Helsinki

Tel. + 358 40 566 0374



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Film and Television Production
"There are two kinds of people in filmmaking: oranges and lemons.
We strive to work with the oranges. Lemons, go elsewhere."

Q: How to send a script , treatment, synopsis, project plan etc?

A: Print it on paper and send it by snail-mail to the address mentioned on left.

Q: Can I send my project by email. It is so much easier for me?

A: You most certainly can, but most likely we won't read it. If you don't believe the script is
worth printing and spending 1 € on a stamp why should we bother to think it is worth reading.
So please send it by snail-mail. Remember also to include your contact information.

A: Can I screen one of your films at our festival or at some other event?

Q: Possibly. All our films are different and have variety of restrictions where they can be
screened based on the IP rights situation. If the film can be screened in your event we can
provide you with a digital copy of the film and additional pr-materials. We dispatch with our
local courier and charge a screening fee. There are limited number of digital prints so be